Turkey Breast Fillet (0.6/0.5kg)

by D’Oyleys Farm Free Range Bronze Turkey breast meat. Ideal for a quick Stir Fry or warming curry. A great addition to a high protein diet. This product will be supplied frozen.

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Turkey Mince (500g)
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Our Free Range Turkeys are reared by hand here at D’Oyleys from day old, just the same as we have been doing for over 60 years. Housed in open straw barns, from 6 weeks of age they are free to range in our grass/clover paddock. We feed them on a high quality mix of cereals and vegetable protein supplemented with home-grown oats. They are dry plucked by hand and hung for 5-7 days to develop flavour and tenderness. You won’t find better turkey!

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