D’Oyleys Farm Mini Roasting Joint (600-990g)

by D’Oyleys Farm All our beef is 28 day dry-aged Angus/Shorthorn beef, reared to the highest welfare standards on our home farm.

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Our traditional native breed (Angus/Shorthorn) beef is hung for a minimum of 28 days to ensure outstanding flavour. Our cattle graze clover-rich pasture meadows in the summer; over winter they our housed in straw barns and feed a pasture-based ration (mainly grass silage with some home-grown barley and peas). We run a suckler herd, so the calves remain with their mothers until they are about 7 months old. We retain the best heifers for breeding and some bulls for sale to other herds. Our cattle are finished at between 18 and 24 months old.  We deliver them straight to the local abattoir ourselves to minimise stress. We are ‘Red Tractor’ Farm Assured and accredited as a ‘high-health’ herd, free from bovine TB for over 10 years

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