It's all about LOCAL

Social Responsibility

From reduced carbon footprint, to boosting the local economy

Everyone's Included

Any small business from retailers to tradespeople can trade in unison

More than just a "website"

This is e-commerce that enhances communities

The Big Small Shop was designed and created with one thing in mind – LOCAL

Local people, buying from Local Businesses, and being rewarded for their loyalty. Simple.

What’s Unique about us? Let me tell you…

We have created a “multi-vendor” marketplace, that will enable a customer to purchase multiple products and services, from multiple businesses, all in a single transaction. But here’s the best bit……it’s all LOCAL. Local business, local produce, local suppliers, local traders, local schools, yep you guessed it, it’s LOCAL! Oh, and you can order 24/7, and even have it all delivered. BOOM.

We are calling this, the SHOPPING REVOLUTION!

No more issues with convenience or time constraints, it’s all available on your doorstep. Literally.

More than just a ‘website’

Family Business

So who’s behind the scenes you ask…

Hello, my name is Darren. I have a wonderful business partner, also known as Charlie, my wife, and the boss.

Together, we have two beautiful boys, Bobby and Charlie. Yes, he’s Charlie too, named after Mum, I thought she did most of the work in bringing these boys into the world, so it was nice to be able to name one of them after her.

We grew up in and around Wallingford and we met at Wallingford School, and well, the rest is history. Charlie – the older one – has a background in banking (Booooo). Myself, a background in managing a small family business, and that’s sort of how this all began.

Many local businesses offer great products, with a great service, at competitive prices, but at times that message is hard to get across to new customers. But we found a way. We decided we wanted to offer support to local businesses and thought “wouldn’t it be great if it was easier to shop and support other people in our community”.

Well hopefully this new venture of ours will go some way to helping that cause. We have added the right people around us, who share our ethos, and appreciate our goals.

We love where we live, and if we can help our community to flourish as our boys grow up, well, it’s the least we can do! We hope you enjoy supporting your local businesses and helping your local community.

Darren & Charlie